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Every Year many individuals participate in IT exams with goodwill. Some of them passed their IT-Exam with a good score by using different platforms. But its also a fact that most of them didn’t succeed in it. Even they studied very hard and spent a lot of money and time on it. It is on record that many individuals said that they used the services of best IT Exam vendors but they didn’t succeed. So the question is why it happened to them? And what is the problem?

The answer is stars because every star doesn’t shine like a sun. Every star has its own specific properties. It is true that every star can shine, we can see them we can observe them. They have the power they have the attraction. But they can’t lit up skies of our world. They can’t grow our fields. The didn’t fulfill the needs of Earth Human beings.

Similarly, there are a lot of platforms for IT Exams preparation. Which seems valid, perfect and attractive. But believe me, they are just like stars, they don’t fulfill our requirements. To fulfill our needs, we need the Sun. So at this point, most of the individuals did that same mistake. They choose stars and expecting a day tomorrow. And everyone knows that It couldn’t happen.

I know many individuals may thinking right now that how we can find the sun ( Valid IT Exam preparation platform ). So the answer is very simple, suppose you are solving a scientific problem but after many tries, you didn’t succeed to solve it. So what you do now, definitely you go to the scientist to get some suggestions or advice about this problem.

In the IT field, we take advice or suggestions from successful IT professionals. And it is also on record that 98% students who passed their IT exams, they act on the advice or suggestions of IT Professionals.

So for this purpose, you don’t need to take any worry about it, because of Thebestdumps have a network of successful IT Professionals from different organizations worldwide. By using their experience, advice, and reviews you not only able to pass your exam in your first attempt but also can save your time and money.

Thebestdumps is an independent IT Exam reviewers. It suggests you the best, valid and prefect IT Exam preparation platforms after taking deep research and analysis of successful IT Professionals.

So after deep research and analysis, we found the following 6 leading websites. In this article, we’ll compare these sites to each other regarding certification questions study material. And share our reviews about them.


We took Oracle 1Z0-811 dumps to conduct our reviews:

It is very hard for us to decide the valid, perfect and best platform for you because each above sites are providing the best they can. So for it, we consider some factors before deciding the winner.

Following are the factors:

  • Providing customer reviews
  • Can user practice and study their exam by using the Mobile Application
  • User can access to its study material both online and offline
  • Possibility of PDF
  • Feedback and comments of customers
  • Money Back Policy
  • Secure purchase and payment system
  • Option available to download 1Z0-811 VCE exam file
  • Option available to download 1Z0-811 ETA exam file
  • Availability of promotion code ( discount code )

Before giving our reviews we have checked Oracle 1Z0-811 dumps of each above website.

Try Free Oracle 1Z0-811 Practice Tests

Certification Questions

Certification-Questions.com Image

There is no doubt that Certification-questions is one of the best IT exam preparation platform for every individual. Due to their valid, best and perfect services. After using their dumps we are a hundred percent sure that have Quality stuff.
And it’s not only our words you can also read the reviews and feedback of their users which all are sharing the same reviews.


Trust us and you can also check that we tried our best to find the negative reviews of their customers. But we found massive positive feedback of their customers and everyone seems to be happy and no one seems fake.

We also check that they have 2k likes on their Facebook page.

And one more thing is that in DISQUS comments: we found 100 plus positive comments of their customers.

About Star Rating: we found 5-star reviews

Individuals who claimed that they passed the exam

We found no bad review and by reading their reviews we found that their every customer passed their exam. And looks very satisfied with their services.

While reading their reviews we find some customer reviews in which they are saying that they have tried many platforms before and didn’t succeed to pass their exam but after using certification questions they successfully passed in it.

Modern ways to study Oracle 1Z0-811 certification

In this age, as you know peoples use different ways to study. And Certification Questions provides full support them and provides every modern platform its users.

Certification-Questions avoid to provide 1Z0-811 VCE or 1Z0-811 ETA files to its users because of they contain the virus. So they provide instead of them 1Z0-811 pdf free

They are also providing Omnichannel Study Experience with Web simulator and mobile application which boosts up your study.

1Z0-811 exams upgrading period

Certification Question update Oracle 1Z0-811 in background free of charge for forever while other vendors updates offline for a short period of time.

Their users don’t need to download study material as 1Z0-811 VCE dumps or 1Z0-811 ETA dumps because they provide online subscription.

It depends how often they update their exams.

You can check when they updated 1Z0-811 dumps last time on their site.

Money Back Policy

Every vendor is offering a money-back policy and fro us it is very interesting to read the comments and feedback on their site.

Ninety-seven percent of professionals and individuals passed by using the Certification Questions platform.

If someone failed in his exam and a person claim to refund under 1 hr after purchase both 100% refunded according to certification questions policy.

Is there a Secure Purchase and Payment System

The good news is that every website uses a secure payment and purchase system. And certification Questions allow all credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payment too.

The Certification Question used Braintree by PayPal payment gateway system for Oracle 1Z0-811 dumps exam purchase. PCI compliant payment system they use while others can’t.

Promo Code

Certification questions is providing 50% discount code while their competitors are providing 40% discount code.

If you want their promo code you just need to like their facebook page and then you’ll get your promo code.

Exam Labs

ExamLabs Image

This website Exam Lab is similar to a site Exam Collection and we found many things the points that these both websites belong to the same company.

And we also check both dumps and both are the same and not so good and their pricing looks medium.


At this site, there are very few reviews and most of them are refunds. And it also looks that they do not reply to their user comments.

They don’t use FB like, Google rating and many of their products have little likes.

Individuals who claimed that they passed the exam

We didn’t find any data that tells us how many of their students passed their exams by using their services. And want to see in future when they share their data with the public on their official site.

Modern ways to study Oracle 1Z0-811 certification

They provide VCE files to their customers and don’t provide Mobile application and Oracle 1Z0-811 PDF. To study you need this:

  • Purchase Oracle 1Z0-811 VCE
  • Download 1Z0-811 VCE
  • Go find and search 1Z0-811 VCE player free but we recommend you to use a paid product.
  • Load the 1Z0-811 VCE
  • And then Start to study

1Z0-811 exams upgrading period

We didn’t find any exact data about it.

Money Back Policy

Like others, they offer money-back policy but they didn’t explain how it works.

Is there a Secure Purchase and Payment System

The website is secure and protected

Promo Code

They are offering 30-40% discount code and if you want it you just need to give your email adree and then you’ll get your code.

Exam Collection

Exam Collection Image

As we said above this site is similar to Exam Lab, their practice tests and pricing model are similar.


There are very few customer reviews no Fb likes no Google rating.

Individuals who claimed that they passed the exam

Like Exam Labs they don’t show data about how many their students passed their exams.

Modern ways to study Oracle 1Z0-811 certification

Same process as Exam labs

1Z0-811 exams upgrading period

No information available

Money Back Policy

They offer but they do no explains about it.

Is there a Secure Purchase and Payment System

Yes, they have a secure system.

Promo Code

Yes, they are offering 30-40% discount code after subscribing to their mailing list.

Pass Leader

Pass Leader Image

Pass Leader is a very good website they are offering

  1. Oracle 1Z0-811 dumps
  2. Oracle 1Z0-811 pdf

Their quality is good and quite different from twins ( Exam Lab and Exam Collection ).

Our professionals tried their 1Z0-811 study material and we found their good just like Certification Question but their Price bit high.


Few testimonials on their homepage but they don’t use FB like and Google rating.

Individuals who claimed that they passed the exam

Like twins, they didn’t share their data with the public about the individuals who passed their exams by using their services.

Modern ways to study Oracle 1Z0-811 certification

You can use both PDF and VCE. The process through which you can use VCE file is the following:

  • Add to the cart the 1Z0-811 VCE
  • Buy Oracle 1Z0-811 VCE
  • Find and search a free Oracle 1Z0-811 VCE player, but we suggest you use a paid version
  • Load the 1Z0-811 VCE
  • And get start your study1Z0-811 certification exam

1Z0-811 exams upgrading period

We searched but we couldn’t find the exact date when they updated the latest 1Z0-811 dumps.

Money Back Policy

They offer a money-back, suppose if some failed in his exam they they refund him or offer another product within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Is there a Secure Purchase and Payment System

They just allow PayPal to its users and it is a secure payment medium.

Promo Code

On writing a review on their site they provide a 10% discount and if you subscribe to their mailing list you’ll get 30-40% discount.

Dumps Questions

Dumps Questions Image

This site is also a good platform to get star your Oracle 1Z0-811 certification exam.

On this site, we find very little customer comments and all seem genuine.

We tried their test and found they were not updated from many days but the content is valid and beat.


We find some reviews on their site but found they were not updated. And not using FB likes and Google ratings.

Individuals who claimed that they passed the exam

Like others, they didn’t share their data about how many their students passed.

Modern ways to study Oracle 1Z0-811 certification

Like the Certification Question, they are offering everything to study Oracle 1Z0-811 Web-Simulator and Oracle 1Z0-811 PDF to download.

We find that they are proving the mobile application but our team noticed that their mobile app is not a real app it is just used to access the web simulator.

Money Back Policy

Like other sites, they are also offering a money-back policy but it is very hard to refund by this site in case you failed in your exam. We recommend you to read their policy.

Note make sure to use your credit card name while buying their product because with a different name you won’t be refunded if you fail in your exam.

Is there a Secure Purchase and Payment System

This site has the best Secure Purchase and Payment System.

Except PayPal, they support every payment medium.

Promo Code

They don’t offer promo code but they offer some discounted exams in a sale.


PrepAway Image

We appreciate their latest UX and it is a very good site, also the latest reviewed website.

The best this they provide is that they offer both free and premium versions, so you can check it before purchase.

If you want to get the Oracle 1Z0-811 certification must buy the product otherwise their free materials are also quite good.


If you want to leave a comment on prepaway you must buy their premium subscription.

We also find that there is no FB likes nad also no Google rating. But we appreciate that there is a comment session where we found customer reviews.

Individuals who claimed that they passed the exam

We find in their comment session that many people were happy to pass the 1Z0-811 exam by using their services. But we didn’t read all the comments because we believe prepaway is a good site.

Modern ways to study Oracle 1Z0-811 certification

They are offering 1Z0-811 ETA file and don’t provide a web simulator and mobile app.
The process through which you can ETA use file is the following:

  • Buy the 1Z0-811 ETA
  • Download the Oracle 1Z0-811 ETA
  • Find a Oracle 1Z0-811 ETA player and we recommend you to use a paid version.
  • Load the Oracle 1Z0-811 ETA
  • And then Start to study

1Z0-811 exams upgrading period

Prepaway claims they update their 1Z0-811 question but there is no information about it.

Money Back Policy

They don’t offer a money-back policy which seems a bit strang.

Is there a Secure Purchase and Payment System

Yes, they have a Secure Purchase and Payment System you don’t need to take any worry about it.

Promo Code

If you need their promo code you just need to subscribe to their mailing list and got a 40% discount but we found that the price still above the average even after applying the promotion code.


Which are the best dumps when studying for the 1Z0-811 certification exam It is very hard and complicated to decide.

The twins’ Exam Labs and Exam Collection both providing dumps for a cheap price. And we believe they update their 1Z0-811 VCE dumps questions.

Dumps Questions and pass reader both have some customer reviews and offering a good quality study material but their price is very high.

Prepaway is a good site but it is too expensive even after applying a promotion code and doesn’t offer money-back policy.

And the winner is the certification Questions, according to customer reviews, Fb likes, Google rating, their Price, their services and their study material as compare to its competitors.

All the sites use secure payment and purchase system so you don’t need to take any worry while purchasing the product.

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